Friends of Drivechain

The statements below were collected by Henry Magram, General Counsel of LayerTwo Labs, Inc. Please refer to the links provided to review the context of the statements.

Adam Back,

Co-Founder and CEO of Blockstream

"Drivechains…are pretty cool…and arguably could have been more important or useful than let’s say Taproot."
"Props to @Truthcoin and team for implementing and validating drivechain design."
"we're probably going to need sidechains / drivechains where we're going, to onboard the next billion users. soon."
"I think you are out of date. Drivechain with bitcoin zcash is more p2p. .... alts lose."


Creator of Nostr

"Drivechain is our only hope."
"We need Drivechain or all the work of thousands in the last 13 years will be in vain."

Olaoluwa Osuntokun,

CTO of Lightning Labs

"In the past year, the drivechain specs seem to have come a long way."

Ruben Somsen,

Bitcoin Sorcerer and Creator of Spacechains

"I would like to see Drivechains happen and run it as an experiment and see how it goes."

Anton Kumaigorodski,

LN developer

"Here’s another project which I think is more critical than LN for bitcoin’s long term survival"

Hampus Sjöberg,

Creator of Blixt Lightning Wallet, Programmer, EDM producer, ₿itcoin fanatic

"We better work on actual real solutions (BIP300 drivechains) rather than nonsensical ones."


Physicist, Programmer, Lightning dev

"I support BIP-300."


Lead On-chain Analyst at Glassnode

"When will people start taking Drivechains seriously?"

Super Testnet,

Freelance Software Developer specializing in Bitcoin, Lightning, and Nostr

"There is already a fork of bitcoin with bip300 support. If 51% of bitcoiners run it then we have bip300. If anyone wants help setting it up, I'm happy to assist."
"I’m not convinced it hurts anyone, but I am convinced it brings us slightly better sidechains than what we have today, and helps miners make more in fees."
"Personally, I would not use drivechains if they existed [...] But I don't think that is a good reason to block the softfork. You don't have to personally want to use something to support making it an option."

Aaron van Wirdum,

Journalist at Bitcoin Magazine

"Surely you wouldn’t prefer off-chain custodial accounts (eg. Coinbase) over sidechain balances (eg. Drivechain)?"
"Custodial services can steal your bitcoin successfully 100% of the time. How can sidechains be worse than that?"

Mario Gibney,

Bitcoin promoter. Formerly at Ledn and Blockstream

"[If Drivechain is] …incredibly useful… [it may] push toward greater total fees added to bitcoin."

Andreas Brekken,

Founder of SideShiftAI

"Activate BIP 300! This is how we get DeFi on Bitcoin."
"Monero should be a sidechain of Bitcoin using Drivechain"

Mike In Space,


"You mfers want ATH? Get BIP300 activated. You’re welcome."
"I don’t think we would see so much economic activity on other chains if we had Drivechain already."

Michael Tidwell,

Co-Founder of TABConf, Founder of The Atlanta BidDevs, and VP of Infrastructure at ZEBEDEE

"a sad unlikely future would be bip300 is done as a last ditch effort to take $ share% away from alts. i hope if/when bip300,.. it’s done out of the love for btc innovation"

Kalle Alm,

Bitcoin Core Contributor

"My understanding is there’s some controversy/contention about drivechains, but the idea seems pretty cool, yep."

Vlad Costea,

Host of the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast

"Drivechains are the purest form of Bitcoin maximalism. Anything else is conservatism in comparison."

Torkel Rogstad,

Co-Founder of Bare Bitcoin and Software Developer at Arcane Crypto

"We desperately need to take a long and hard look in the mirror, and start doing things differently. I think starting a more serious and thorough discussion about BIP300 (Drivechain) is the right place to start."

Sergio Demian Lerner,

Chief of Innovation at IOV Labs and Designer of the RSK Rootstock Bitcoin sidechain

"[…] migrate Rootstock to a drivechain when it is softforked into Bitcoin […] the destiny is to become fully decentralized."
"[…] sidechains are the natural extension of the Bitcoin finance stack […]. A sidechain is a blockchain that is highly incentive-aligned with the Bitcoin community."

Pete Rizzo,

Editor of Bitcoin Magazine and Editor At Large of Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

"…I think anybody in the developer community will tell you, even if they don’t want to do Drivechains, that they respect Paul Sztorc, because Paul Sztorc is trying to further Bitcoin as a technology."

Peter McCormack,

Host of the What Bitcoin Did podcast

"I like that fact that it just gives me one currency to go around and do all these other things, I like that a lot so that’s cool."

Edan Yago,

Cheerleader-In-Chief of Sovryn

"The only thing missing from Bitcoin is that ability to adopt any feature or technology without changing main chain. BIP 300 fixes this."

Guy Swann,

Host of the Bitcoin Audible podcast

"I feel like sidechains are an inevitable part of the ecosystem for multiple reasons, & I simply see BIP300 as a hashrate based sidechain rather than a federated multisig. I 100% agree on the alts issue, but that’s not why i am interested in it."

Jameson Lopp,

CTO & Co-founder of Casa

"...implementing Drivechains or Validity Rollups would not only improve overall network speed and capacity but would also allow developers to test out various solutions in a way that keeps the underlying base layer safe. This should massively speed up development time and thus fight against the looming ossification threat."

John Light,

Product at Sovryn. Bitcoin researcher.

"I would like to see both validity rollups and drivechains offered as options for people on Bitcoin layer one. […] I think it would make sense to do drivechains first rather than wait until validity rollups are ready. […] What I call the miners will steal hypothesis has so far been proven to be false on blockchains that implement basically the same security model [as Drivechain]."

Giacomo Zucco,

CEO of ZuckBucks, Bitcoiner, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Educator

"I like drivehain but I'm skeptical they will ever have consensus"
"I'm not very convinced abour drivechains, I do like hashrate escrows, but I like status quo as default in case of any change less than obviously necessary."
"Drivechains give lots of censoring power to miners. I'd prefer a coinwitness kind of 2WP. But yes: a monero-like sidechain would be way better than Monero as a separate shitcoin, also for swaps (no slippage, less liquidity bottleneck)."

Alexei Zamyatin,

Founder @interlayHQ

"...make BTC interoperability easier (BIP300 or similar)..."

Andrew Bailey,

Associate Professor of Humanities/ Philosophy, Yale-NUS College

"A year later, I’m starting to have views. They’re pretty pro-BIP300, I confess!"

Troy Cross,

Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Reed College

"[…] long-term we need either a better fee market, something like drivechains, or else… mining at a loss by large stakeholders."
"“I agree. (In response to: “Building on bitcoin will increase in an exciting way once drivechain is adopted. #Hivemind)"

Brad Mills,

Host of the Magic Internet Money podcast

"I think it’s time the Bitcoin community took a more serious look at @Truthcoin’s drivechain proposal."

Eric Wall,

Investor and Software Engineer

"it’s been 7 years since @Truthcoin wrote the original drivechain blog post. if you went back in time and told me that 7 years later no effort has been made towards merge-mined sidechains but that the same people who opposed them were upset ethereum existed i’d laugh in your face"

Nic Carter,

Founder and General Partner, Castle Island Ventures

"I agree with all of this"

Ari Paul,

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of BlockTower Capital

"...Drivechains are at least 4 years old. The LN whitepaper was 2016. If there had been aggressive innovation (from the user functionality perspective) on this stuff, I'd agree it would have taken the wind out of many altcoin sails, but there wasn't so it didn't."


Cryptocurrency trader

"As a self-professed Bitcoin maximalist, I support #BIP300. Enabling permissionless innovation on top of a stable and conservative Bitcoin base layer (rather than pushing them into shitcoinosphere) is a very important goalz. That's how modern versatile Internet came into being."

Paul Puey,

Co-Founder at EdgeWallet

"I'm a fan."

Sjors Provoost,

Bitcoin Core contributor

"What I find most appealing about the Drivechain idea is the separation of funding second layer and using second layer. With Lighning everyone needs to open their own channels which is expensive, whereas Drivechain would allow economies of scale for those transfers. If it works."

Sovryn Matt @SovrynM,

Contributor to Sovryn

"BIP-300 fixes this. Rather than polluting the btc blockchain with NFTs, you give the NFT enthusiasts a bitcoin sidechain to do their NFT scamming. Smart bitcoin miners will secure and mine the NFT sidechain for additional revenue from fees generated."

Greg Slepak,

Founder at Tao Effect LLC and President at okTurtles Foundation Inc.

"ACK'ing potential for safe operation of #Drivechain: [...]"

Isaac Fain,

President at Krew Labs

"why its great: #Drivechain provides a canonical, easy to reuse pattern for launching sidechains with consistent security properties. This stimulates innovation and limit risk with experimental bridge / federated models."

Joel Kaartinen @jkaartinen,

Lead Systems Architect @PrasosLtd

"I don't really see an argument against drivechain here. If 51% of miners are colluding hard enough and “willing to steal”, Bitcoin is in deep trouble, drivechains or not."

Alex Kravets,

Founder and CEO at Satoshium

"I would personally love to see Drivechain soft fork adopted."

Timoleon Moraitis,

Senior Researcher and Group Leader at Huawei (Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Computing, and Computational Neuroscience)

"Any sidechain replacing an altcoin increases BTC's security by 1. eliminating competitors with potential attack interests, 2. increasing the value of the token in which btc miners are paid. On top, 3. Drivechain brings more fees to btc miners, not changing mainchain fees or size."

Mathieu Geukens,

libertarian p2p cash advocate

"Drivechain is the best hope for BTC's succes"

Stewart Mackenzie @sj_mackenzie,

Host of the Stewart Mackenzie Indaba podcast

"The sooner BIP-300/1 happens the better."

moonsettler @4moonsettler,

stubborn self-sovereign money maximalist and aspiring cypherpunk

"it's entirely possible that drivechains could provide tremendous value with not a single current adopter using them, even once."

Gabriel Kurman,

Co-founder of the Bitcoin Rootstock sidechain

"Absolutely we count on the Bitcoin Core Devs to implement the Drivechain softfork as soon as possible to make Sidechains 2.0 a reality!"

SymmetrE ⚡ @JuanSolanaMart1,

Bitcoin LightningNetwork ⚡ y Libertad

"¿Y sí todo esto fuese solo un señuelo para que los reacios a las drivechains, spacechains y otras soluciones de segunda capa y sidechains se replantearse su postura?"

Post Capone @p0stc4p0n3,

Ordinals Enthusiast/Influencer

"*If* BIP300/301 *could* fox it then there is *at least* one fix that doesn't require a modification of the supply cap."

Eric O'Reilly, liberty & #bitcoin,

"Some thoughts on the Drivechain 1/ The premise is valid. #Bitcoin base layer is difficult to change, which is probably a good thing. At the same time, some use cases for blockchain beyond Bitcoin Script have emerged. 2/ Drivechain allows for faster iteration on second layers, while encouraging the use of BTC as the monetary unit on those layers. [...]"

Vake @vakeraj,

"drivechains —> prediction markets —> futarchy —> omniscience —> transcend death"
"I really don’t think @Truthcoin is malicious. Like the rest of us, he’s seeing the growth of altcoins, and wishes that would take place within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Hence his passion for sidechains/drivechains."