Jobs at LayerTwo Labs

Cross-Platform Native App Developer opportunity at LayerTwo Labs, Inc.

LayerTwo Labs, Inc. is looking to hire an experienced developer! We want a cross platform desktop and mobile user interface developer to build GUI based on back end API. The developer can use any framework that they prefer to create a new very-good-looking user interface for cross-platform desktop (Linux, Windows, OS X), Android, and iOS applications in the future. There are hundreds of frameworks available but some suggestions we’ve received are to use Tauri (https://tauri.app/), Flutter https://flutter.dev/, or electron (https://www.electronjs.org/).

Follow these steps to send us an email to express your interest in this opportunity:
  • • In the subject line, write only “Developer candidate”
  • • In the body of the email, state your compensation expectations and anything else you want to mention. If you have dart/flutter experience, please state that.
  • • Attach your resume as a PDF or include a link to a digital resume.
  • • Send the email to henry@layertwolabs.com
Interested in reading more about this opportunity? Here are some additional notes:
  • • It doesn't matter how you want to create the user interface as long as it looks very good and you can get it to interact with bitcoind etc. via RPC interface.
  • • Our software is already finished and you just need to make an interface that connects to our back end software.
  • • Please note: this opportunity was initially announced on Twitter as a search for a "frontend developer" but upon further review we have retitled it “Cross-Platform Native App Developer”.
  • • Our full nodes will be like "servers" that you hit with rpc calls. We want a GUI that queries a daemon node and looks nice.
  • • Browser-based GUIs are a possibility - today we have a svelte one.
  • • We want a detached front end for our "Switchboard" (which is a launcher similar to Steam) and we want detached front ends for a few sidechain nodes.
  • • We are flexible on the details but want it to look good and be cross platform of course
  • • Browser-based GUIs are a possibility - today we have a svelte one.