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Sidechains don’t have their own currency.
They use BTC. Users gain unlimited functionality
without the volatility of alt-coins.

Sidechains are Layer-2 blockchains that function in parallel to the Bitcoin network (Layer 1).

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    They do not have their own currencies. They receive BTC deposits, conduct BTC transfers, and dispense BTC withdrawals.

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    Drivechains are advanced Bitcoin sidechains that use hashrate escrow and blind merged mining.

Unlike Bitcoin, sidechains can have unlimited potential features.

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    As the first blockchain, Bitcoin’s architecture is limited. It’s security and decentralization, however, are unrivalled.

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    With sidechains, users can use their BTC on more experimental networks, with cutting edge features, and withdraw back to the mainchain.

Drivechains make transfers between the Bitcoin network and sidechains as secure and decentralized as possible.

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    Transfers on sidechains are unlimited. Transfers back to the mainchain are secured by 13,000 confirmations.

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    When transferring back to the mainchain, a “bundle” of transfers is initiated and slowly confirmed over 3 months, making it impossible for the sidechain market price to deviate significantly from that of BTC.

Drivechain is better for everyone



Can use their BTC on sidechains with limitless functionality. They can opt-in to the ones they like, and ignore the ones they don’t. The value of their BTC layer 1 is unaffected.



Don’t need to worry about the volatile prices of alt-coins or unexpected fluctuations due to hard-forking.



Don’t need to install new node software for new sidechains. All mining is still done on the Bitcoin network. They can collect transaction fees from any sidechain.



Can build and manage their own sidechains, harness the security and stability, of Bitcoin, and keep those out who would ruin their masterpieces.


Only obtainable via Drivechain

Bitcoin mainchain ossification

Build upon the best. Bitcoin ossification diversifies and strengthens the most secure blockchain in existence.

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Bitcoin can scale to any throughput on sidechains without compromising the decentralization and security of the mainchain. Imagine, the transaction speeds of experimental blockchains with the security of the tried and true original.

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BTC can potentially gain any feature from any other blockchain. With drivechains, all devs are Bitcoin devs.

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Three existential threats to BTC are neutralized – altcoin-competition, hard fork campaigns, and extension block campaigns.

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Blind merged mining increases bitcoins security budget and solves the problems of the
decreasing block reward.

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An altcoin defeats Bitcoin by developing superior technology, larger network effect, and stronger narratives.


BTCers are tricked into adopting a malicious hard fork (or
soft-hardfork). As a result, the BTC project mostly fails.

imageParasitic Code

BTC script becomes too expressive, making it difficult to
exclude some message-types from the blockchain.


BTCers become overconfident and complacent, leading to a
culture of stasis and eventual destruction by Black Swan event.


A bug in Drivechain, temporarily affects other parts of the
Bitcoin Codebase. This is not Drivechain specific, all code changes come with this risk.

imageSidechain Theft

Sidechain Theft > 51% hashrate will endorse the "wrong”32-byte
hash (ie, one inconsistent with the SC's block header), for -13,000
consecutive blocks. Hashrate can then obtain the SC's BTC.

The Drivechain BIPs


BIP 300 (Hashrate

“Container UTXOs” that compress 3-6 months of
transaction data into a fixed 32-bytes.

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imageView on GitHub image

BIP 301
(Blind Merged Mining)

A technique to replace the act of running a sidechain
node with the act of including a single high-fee

imageView on GitHub image
imageView on GitHub image

Get started with Drivechain

You don't need to run a sidechain node. Leverage single, high-fee transactions
to help build the next evolution of the Bitcoin network using drivechain.

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